Garage Door Openers & Motors in Henderson, NV

Garage Door Openers
As one of (if not the) largest moving object in your home, your garage door isn’t usually something that you want to push around on a whim. It needs a great many parts to move safely, and at the heart of that operation is the motor: the engine that everything else hinges on to work properly. If it goes, everything else goes, too, leaving you to do the dirty work and do some heavy lifting on your own! Garage door motors are also known as ‘garage door openers’ for good reason, and they can be tricky to get up and running again when they have so many other elements connected to them. Upright Garage Door Services can help Henderson, Las Vegas, Paradise, and Clark County, NV clients with repairing or replacing this vital component and getting you back on track — sometimes literally!

The Function of Garage Door Openers

An overhead electric motor does not actually have to provide much power in order to move your garage door, as the attached counterbalance system of springs offsets most of the weight. However, garage door openers are important as a controlling mechanism, as it regulates how far the door raises or lowers and acts as a lock when it is shut.

In addition to its own internal pieces, though, garage door openers’ attachment to the door itself must be maintained to ensure proper functionality. Depending on the model, this comes in the form of a jackshaft or a screw, chain, or belt drive. Whatever you may have, you need to make sure that your design is correctly linked to the engine and door and placed in its track.

Don’t Forget About the Other Pieces!

Garage Door Openers
Of course, your motor needs to know when it should start and stop operating, and those signals can come from a variety of places: a remote, a keypad, or the photo eye system that every newer garage door uses to prevent injury. If one or more of these malfunctions, even a perfectly operating motor won’t run.

Other peripherals that can rely on a smoothly working engine include:

  • Automatic lighting inside or outside of your garage
  • Locking sensors
  • Integrated carbon monoxide alarms

Garage door openers aren’t terribly complex pieces of work, butthey are so reliant on other components to function right that diagnosing an issue can be tough. Las Vegas and Henderson, NV residents are encouraged to contact us at Upright Garage Door Services if they are unsure of what is causing their motor trouble! We’ll keep the heart of the operation well-oiled and reliable.

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“I called because my garage door was stuck and wouldn’t close. They re-arranged their schedule and Larry came out that day to fix my door….well….so it will close at least. ( It’s an old door and I’ve been meaning to replace the motor and door for a while but didn’t get around to it yet…Well…I am now. ). Larry gave me an estimate and it seemed reasonable to me so now they are going to get me a whole new door and motor. Juanita in the office is a gem. So nice and pleasant to work with.””
– Alia G.