Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement in Henderson, NV

repaired torsion spring
Garage doors, given their purpose, are going to be made of sturdy stuff. With durability comes weight (usually 400 pounds or more), and with weight comes potential safety hazards if that bulk isn’t stabilized properly. To achieve that security, your door uses a counterbalance system that relies on springs to operate smoothly, and because springs use persistent tension to work properly, their breaking is an unfortunately common occurrence. A garage torsion spring or extension spring lift mechanism is doing the lion’s share of the work to raise and lower your door, so if you’re in the Henderson, Las Vegas, Paradise, and Clark County, NV areas, Upright Garage Door Services can make a vital replacement a simple (and, more importantly, properly completed) one.

What Are Garage Door Torsion Springs?

A torsion spring setup consists of one or more tightly wound springs mounted along a shaft just above your garage door, while an extension spring lift design features a pair of stretched springs running parallel along horizontal tracks. In both systems, the tension stored within the springs is gathered and released as they either wind or unwind, and the force generated by this change is used to move the door.

When to Replace the Torsion Springs on Your Garage Door

torqued torsion spring
Repeated use steadily wears your garage door springs, which will lead to eventual breaking and the need for a replacement. Along with leaving your garage door very heavy and unwieldy to move, further damage to you or your door can occur when this happens: a snapped spring can strike somebody if it goes flying, while a lifted garage door can drop too quickly if its support goes loose. And while these springs are designed to last several years, multiple factors can speed their rate of depreciation, including:

  • Loose tracks
  • Improper lubrication
  • High humidity
  • Added door weight
  • A spring of the wrong strength
  • Related parts that are damaged or overly worn

Upright Garage Door Services can check your torsion or extension springs to gauge their remaining lifespan and the necessity for replacements — something that we will only recommend when absolutely necessary! Removal and installation is a lengthy and potentially dangerous process, and your new springs may degrade prematurely or function improperly if the incorrect strength or fitting is used. Give us a call, and we’ll make sure that your door is set for the foreseeable future!

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“Upright came out exactly at the time they said they would, replaced a broken spring on a garage door, and pointed out other potential problems to keep a watch on, and it cost LESS than the over-the-phone quote.”
– Chris S.