February 8, 2022

"I recently purchased a house and needed the garage door serviced. The previous owner had a sticker by the opener with this company's information so naturally that is where I started. I am SO happy that I did - Larry came out and serviced it so it is in working order and ultimately we decided to have him replace the whole thing so they'll be back next week. Very happy with their professionalism and availability. Thanks!"
October 18, 2021


October 18, 2021

"This is our first time to have our garage door serviced by Upright Garage Door and we’re very impressed. I called their office and Larry answered, he is fun to talk to. I knew right away that I can trust him. The next day, Ryan came. He’s friendly and an absolute professional. He is all work and no play. He examined the garage door, went to his truck, and got all what he needed. He worked on the door and within minutes, the garage door is in motion again. Wow! My husband respects this guy because he is direct and very knowledgeable. Their price is reasonable, unlike the other guys. We intend to be a valued customer of Upright Garage Door Services and we’ll recommend them to our family and lots of friends. Thank you very much, Ryan for a job well done! You’re the BEST! "
August 16, 2021

"Contacted this company after seeing their truck across the street from my house and scheduled an appointment for repair to my garage door and their guy Mike showed up to give me an estimate and after he diagnosed what was wrong suggested that my best option was to replace the 4 side-to-side panels and after agreeing on a price he came back a couple of days later and in 90 minutes had everything finished and the install went smoothly…I certainly would recommend this company for any needs a homeowner would have concerning the garage door repairs..GOOD job Mike, appreciate you and your professionalism during your visit !!!"
July 21, 2021

Great Company!

"I've been living here a long, long time. So, I know the area pretty well, and because this is a family owned business, I was hoping that their sticker on my garage wall was still active from years back, as they had really treated me with such urgency, and were so respectful, quick, and fair. Sure enough, after hearing such a bad noise from opening and closing my garage door, after being fine on the morning of July 7'th of this year, I was afraid to even try opening it again, until a tech was here. So, after a sleepless night, I was so happy to hear Larry's voice at the other end of my panicked call. He heard my dilemma, and sent a truly nice, very honest, longtime experienced tech out, within hours of my call. I'm bad with names, but wish I could remember his. He eased my mind by what he told me, and when asked if something should be done now to prevent something like the noise that somehow disappeared when he arrived, like a pain disappearing by the time you see the doctor, he said "Yes, but, for a 5 minute job you don't really need, it's not necessary to pay money to have me do. Considering all involved, you'll never find another man like Larry, the quality of people he employs, the fairness in competitive pricing, and mostly, the way they treat any customer new, or old, as they are the same, and so grateful for business, and making a customer feel important, calm, and special. Thank you so much, and wish I had called first for the name of the wonderful gentleman who came out earlier than I expected, within the time frame, and was so pleasant. Thank you Upright, Larry, and the wonderful tech, whose name will be highlighted when I can get it. Please support this long standing family business, as they get award after award every year! You won't be sorry! "
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