March 4, 2021

"Excellent and affordable. I had the garage door re-aligned, door spring replaced, and a few other small things. Larry (the owner) is extremely knowledgeable and great to talk with. I highly recommend Upright Garage Door Services."
February 23, 2021

"Simply doesn’t get any better A reputable business with kind caring people Low prices are the bonus...WOW !!!"
January 29, 2021

"I called last week after being referred by a mom group and was told they were great. The next day Larry came out and in minutes told me exactly what was wrong. No bs, no money gouging just straight to it. I kind of already knew my motor was 20 years old and it was probably time for a new one so I had checked online and I was looking for a descent one roughly $200-280 not counting the installation. Larry told me to use what they had (genie)and came with 10 year warranty. You can tell he knows what he is doing. $325 for a whole new motor, 2 openers, cleaned up the mess of old wired and installing it all. I was very pleased with his customer service and work. Don’t doubt a word he says and let him take care of your garage door needs. Thanks Larry!! Also Juanita was the one setting the appointments and she was also amazing. Great team."
November 12, 2020

""Larry and his family have been my garage family for over ten years. I truly cannot say enough about character and honesty of these people! They do incredible quality work and the prices are always more than fair and beyond reasonable. Their work is precise, efficient and they take the time to do the little extras... you know your garage will be in overall better shape after a service call. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful group of people always willing to assist. Thanks again, Larry!!"
March 30, 2020

"I have been talking about Upright Garage Door Services for a week now, after I had my garage fixed! I had the pleasure of having Ryan come to my home and fix my garage. Ryan was so accommodating. I had to change my appointment for him to come due to a baby doctors appointment. He said no problem and said he could come later, than immediately called back and said if I was comfortable I could leave my garage door open and he could come fix it, “if I trust my neighbors” haha. Which gratefully I do. So, I set payment up and when I returned I had my receipt and two garage door openers right where it was left. A couple days later I received a grateful thank you letter for using their services. Right off the bat Upright Garage Door Services blew me away. Right to the point and played no games just like they say. If you read their website they talk about trusting first and question last and that’s exactly what I did. I would recommend to EVERYONE !!!! 10 stars !!!!"
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