August 22, 2014

"Larry installed a new double door in our home today its amazing! The old door had a crack and very worn rollers we were worried every time we opened the door. They arrived on time, did a very thorough job, replaced every part and the new door opens so smoothly you can't even hear it, would highly recommend!"
June 26, 2014

"Ryan (sorry but I called you Brian on Angie's list) came out and properly diagnosed my door's failure to close although it would always open the door. He replaced the circuit board and immediately resolved the frustrating situation. He was friendly, personable and offered to refund the cost of the circuit board if the issue was not resolved. Ryan was on time and explained the problem in terms I could understand. Door is working fine and I will recommend this contractor to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Thank you, Ryan!"
May 20, 2014

"We are so grateful to you Larry and your helper, from Upright Garage Door Services. On Friday our garage door would not work? We called Larry who was recommended by a friend Ray D. He said Larry was honest, courteous and very thorough which he was. Larry had a full schedule on Friday, but said he would work us in somehow, Larry was not only true to his word but took the time to fix AND adjust all working parts. I am sorry I cannot remember your helpers name. Thanks again Larry and helper. Your Grateful customer."
April 19, 2014

"Dear Larry, it was a pleasure to be able to go out of my garage this morning!! Having a new opener is so great and I do thank you so much for putting me back in business!! You have been so kind and greatly appreciate your service. Enjoy your vacation!!"
February 27, 2014

"Dear Upright team & Ryan: I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate Ryan. He did a wonderful job of estimating the job and delivering his word. For this day words are not worth much. I can value when words are spoken and meant. My prayer is that your business will prosper, as your souls prosper with Jesus!"
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