October 17, 2014

"Upright Garage Door is a family owned and operated local business - from your first phone conversation with Juanita (mom) to installation by Larry (dad) you are in good hands with the Golay family. As stated in other reviews, Larry went beyond just installing the new door and track - he even pried up an old paint can lid stuck on the garage'd been festering there for years! I live in Henderson and truly feel pleased when I can recommend a local area business. Fair, competitive pricing and prompt, efficient installation and clean up. Thanks, Larry and rest of Upright!"
September 17, 2014

"I gave two stars because I have to say the garage door works as expected. However, the attitude of the man that came out was terrible. I spoke to a nice lady on the phone and requested that I receive a phone call a half hour before service. The time of service was between 3 and 5. At 4:15 or receive the phone call saying that he was sorry he couldn't call me a half hour before it was ready to come over I would be here in 10 to 15 minutes. Which I accepted. He arrived with somebody else tagging along the truck. which would be fine if I didn't feel like he was rushing his way through the job. The following day I received a phone call around the same time stating that you have left a couple tools behind. He has to pick up pick them up and was I home now I told him I was not home now and maybe I could get somebody to leave them outside for him some time after 430. He went on to tell me how important his tools were to him and that he would not be able to do his job without them. He asked that I call him after the tools are left outside because he did not want to drive across town to pick them up if they weren't going to be out there. Maybe I'm just being picky but something about this rubbed me the wrong way. When I arrived home from work I found him sitting outside in his truck waiting for somebody to leave his tools I told him at that point that I would be hard pressed to recommend their company to anyone else. At this point he became argumentative and condescending. I asked him if telling him was good enough or should I call the office and tell them his response was that he is co-owner with his father. If this type of personality doesn't bother you and you do indeed desire good craftsmanship I say go ahead and go for it. I sure won't."
August 22, 2014

"Larry installed a new double door in our home today its amazing! The old door had a crack and very worn rollers we were worried every time we opened the door. They arrived on time, did a very thorough job, replaced every part and the new door opens so smoothly you can't even hear it, would highly recommend!"
June 26, 2014

"Ryan (sorry but I called you Brian on Angie's list) came out and properly diagnosed my door's failure to close although it would always open the door. He replaced the circuit board and immediately resolved the frustrating situation. He was friendly, personable and offered to refund the cost of the circuit board if the issue was not resolved. Ryan was on time and explained the problem in terms I could understand. Door is working fine and I will recommend this contractor to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Thank you, Ryan!"
May 20, 2014

"We are so grateful to you Larry and your helper, from Upright Garage Door Services. On Friday our garage door would not work? We called Larry who was recommended by a friend Ray D. He said Larry was honest, courteous and very thorough which he was. Larry had a full schedule on Friday, but said he would work us in somehow, Larry was not only true to his word but took the time to fix AND adjust all working parts. I am sorry I cannot remember your helpers name. Thanks again Larry and helper. Your Grateful customer."
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