September 1, 2015

"Great job Larry and helper. Fast friendly service. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!"
August 20, 2015

"Larry and his family have serviced my garage door for the past twenty years. They do quality work at a fair and affordable price. The work is neat---and precise---and the garage door is always in a better place on they work on it. I had a broken tortion spring---repaired in thirty minutes--very professional. Thanks, Larry!"
January 28, 2015

"Larry and Juanita are just terrific!! Our friend referred us to Larry because of the great work he always does for him. We were in a panic.Our garage door buckled in the middle and we had non way to secure our home.We called Upright Garage Door at 4:30 pm and Larry made it to us in 30 min. He had our garage door repaired in 20 min. We actually needed a strut replaced. Our friend and daughter had actually had the same thing happen to them and the companies they called charged them for a whole new door and springs. They paid $1200.00, we paid $178.00. We recommend Upright Garage to everyone. Larry is professional, honest and knows what he doing. Thanks for the great job for us."
November 26, 2014

"We appreciate the Great work that Larry from Upright garage door Services provided. He called ahead of time and was prompt. He identified the problem and then took care of it. He definitely knows his garage doors after having worked in the industry for 30 years...impressive. He is over all a nice guy. We appreciate your honest, hardworking approach. We will definitely call you for any future garage door issues."
October 17, 2014

"Upright Garage Door is a family owned and operated local business - from your first phone conversation with Juanita (mom) to installation by Larry (dad) you are in good hands with the Golay family. As stated in other reviews, Larry went beyond just installing the new door and track - he even pried up an old paint can lid stuck on the garage'd been festering there for years! I live in Henderson and truly feel pleased when I can recommend a local area business. Fair, competitive pricing and prompt, efficient installation and clean up. Thanks, Larry and rest of Upright!"
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